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Doing it for ME



after all getting healthy doesn’t have to be a bad experience!

Anonymous Asked:
Hey love :) head up! I have the same problem but a bit different: I avoid social events because I'm scared of eating in front of others. I have stomach problems (food intolerances etc) and always scared of smth going wrong while I'm on display. I'm taking meds now. Maybe you should reach out for it :) if it's that bad you will need help from a friend or doctor, just do it! It will be fine! Good luck!

My answer:

i know i need help. i’ve reached out to my schools counseling center once but i kinda backed out :/ 

i really do need to find the courage to get help again :(

thank you for your kind words<3

Anonymous Asked:
You deserve recovery and a life without bulimia fucking it up ❤️ I believe in you and I'm so proud of you x

My answer:

thank you doll <3

my mom caught me avoiding a social event to avoid binging

she doesn’t know about my problem but she was telling me how i shouldn’t restrict myself from social gathers just because of the food thats gonna be there


i just wanna not binge.. i wanna hangout with my family but my eating habits just make it so hard :(


the bow makes muscles girly right? (i have no idea what i was doing…)

omg.. goalls :(

July 22, 2014 Day 7

7. Do you want to look better for someone else as well? (Congrats! One week!)

I would want to say no. but honestly i’ve been single for way too long..but no one specifically … i mean i know i can get guys at this weight.. but i just think that if i don’t like myself at this weight then how will anyone else?

today was a weird day. my dads birthday. worked out hard today which was good. wasn’t too hungry in the morning after my workout probably because of the food i had ate last night.. i had a light breakfast (protein shake)

went to work… boss offered me an ice-cream sandwich and i could not say no .. i could have but i didn’t. point is i ate most of it… took one of the cookies off and ate the rest …

ate my greek yogurt later during the day at work with banana and granola.

went home, had ground turkey and green beans with a mango

then my mom has cooked for my dad so i decided to have a serving of that which was a sandwich like type of food with chicken …

and right now i had a pretty big bowl of cereal… i wanted to consider this a binge …. but i estimated the amount of calories that i consumed today and i calculated that i ate probably a little more than i should have.. but i was still around my calorie consumption goals… i mean they weren’t all healthy calories but i think i did a fairly good job at controlling the amount of food i ate even when it was unhealthy… maybe the cereal was a bit unnecessary.. but oh well.. I’m not counting it as a binge because i don’t feel bad about it…

Day 6 July 21, 2014

6. Do you run in the morning? If so, for how long?

i used to… i don’t anymore. I’m more into weight lifting and just overall strength training… building muscle and all that stuff. i do workout for about any hour every morning except sundays which are my rest days and wednesdays when i hike with my best friend…

So july 21 was my friends birthday day. I was good all day about eating right amounts of healthy food. at the end of the day i did go out to eat with my friends though, i had 22oz beer, 2 wings, 4 cheese balls and a little less than an order of fries…

all i ordered for myself was the beer and fries and shared my friends’ food .. so instead of ordering a whole order of wings (6 wings) plus fries and still having those cheese balls and beer, i think i did good… 



My name is Jeny and I'm 20 years old. This is a weight loss/recovery/college fitblr blog.
Im 5'2 and these are my stats.
Highest Weight: 189
Starting Weight: 175lb
Current Weight: 168lb
Goal Weight: 145lb (Nov. 26, 2012)
Ultimate Goal Weight: 130lb/Recoved from bulimia
Binge Free Since: Feb. 15, 2014
Purge Free since: Feb. 15, 2014 Instagram: genjenbear


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