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Doing it for ME


the bow makes muscles girly right? (i have no idea what i was doing…)

omg.. goalls :(

July 22, 2014 Day 7

7. Do you want to look better for someone else as well? (Congrats! One week!)

I would want to say no. but honestly i’ve been single for way too long..but no one specifically … i mean i know i can get guys at this weight.. but i just think that if i don’t like myself at this weight then how will anyone else?

today was a weird day. my dads birthday. worked out hard today which was good. wasn’t too hungry in the morning after my workout probably because of the food i had ate last night.. i had a light breakfast (protein shake)

went to work… boss offered me an ice-cream sandwich and i could not say no .. i could have but i didn’t. point is i ate most of it… took one of the cookies off and ate the rest …

ate my greek yogurt later during the day at work with banana and granola.

went home, had ground turkey and green beans with a mango

then my mom has cooked for my dad so i decided to have a serving of that which was a sandwich like type of food with chicken …

and right now i had a pretty big bowl of cereal… i wanted to consider this a binge …. but i estimated the amount of calories that i consumed today and i calculated that i ate probably a little more than i should have.. but i was still around my calorie consumption goals… i mean they weren’t all healthy calories but i think i did a fairly good job at controlling the amount of food i ate even when it was unhealthy… maybe the cereal was a bit unnecessary.. but oh well.. I’m not counting it as a binge because i don’t feel bad about it…

Day 6 July 21, 2014

6. Do you run in the morning? If so, for how long?

i used to… i don’t anymore. I’m more into weight lifting and just overall strength training… building muscle and all that stuff. i do workout for about any hour every morning except sundays which are my rest days and wednesdays when i hike with my best friend…

So july 21 was my friends birthday day. I was good all day about eating right amounts of healthy food. at the end of the day i did go out to eat with my friends though, i had 22oz beer, 2 wings, 4 cheese balls and a little less than an order of fries…

all i ordered for myself was the beer and fries and shared my friends’ food .. so instead of ordering a whole order of wings (6 wings) plus fries and still having those cheese balls and beer, i think i did good… 



I send an excessive amount of shoulder selfies to my best friend (@anthony_insanity)


My arms (especially my shoulders) are just so damn stubborn. Still waiting for the gains. ugh







Perfect breakfast !

Day 5: June 20, 2014

5. Have you already bought a bikini for the summer? Do you like the way you look in it?

It’s already summer. and yeah i have a few bikinis and no i do not like how i look in them… ill usually just wear a cover up over them :/ being self conscious sucks… 

Today i had some ice cream… but i did not binge :) thats a huge mile stone for me. it takes a lot of mental strength for me to binge after having something unhealthy. :)

Day 4: June 19, 2014

4. Are any of your friends trying to lose weight?

Not any that i’m close to. i have one friend who has weight related goals like gaining muscle and stuff which is something I’m into as well

but all my friends are pretty small. which is kinda hard when you want to hang out with them and they try to eat junk food or fast food all the time..

it definitely makes me think twice about going out with them sometimes

Day 3 (delayed) June 18, 2014

3. Have your parents ever made you feel bad about your weight?

Yes. maybe not intentionally but my mom would also tell me to go the gym. and even if thats not a direct comment to my weight it always made me feel bad about being bigger.

Sometimes i try to look at it in a different light, maybe my mom just wanted me to be healthy but i think there could have been different ways of promoting exercise… 

My name is Jeny and I'm 20 years old. This is a weight loss/recovery/college fitblr blog.
Im 5'2 and these are my stats.
Highest Weight: 189
Starting Weight: 175lb
Current Weight: 168lb
Goal Weight: 145lb (Nov. 26, 2012)
Ultimate Goal Weight: 130lb/Recoved from bulimia
Binge Free Since: Feb. 15, 2014
Purge Free since: Feb. 15, 2014 Instagram: genjenbear


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