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Doing it for ME

Back to school gains? Lol




angry music cause legs

Let me be Ally please


Anonymous Asked:

My answer:


Lol, my biceps are weeeak. It’s okay though cuz that booty… 😉

I think I’m finally learning to love my body (even if it’s not at its best)
After being uncomfortable in my own skin for the past 8-9 years, I am finally able to stay that this whole body transformations process is for me, to make myself happy.

If you didn’t like my last photo post, you suck.
That means 3199 of you suck!
Go like it because it’s funny!

Ughh. Need me a cheat meal at the end of this week…

Anonymous Asked:
Hi I saw your post about binge eating and I just wanted to let you know that what you are doing is amazing and you are so beautiful! If you can make it 7 days you can do anything doll just keep going

My answer:

Thank you doll. :) i appreciate you kind words.. 


I wanted to share this with you guys..
For almost all of 2014, I have not been able to go past 5 days of no binging.
This week I did it.
And no, not everything I ate was healthy. But my portion control was good.
I hope I’m able to keep this up… :)
If you’re recovering, don’t give up! Trust I’ve started over millions of times but it’s better than giving up..

My name is Jeny and I'm 20 years old. This is a weight loss/recovery/college fitblr blog.
Im 5'2 and these are my stats.
Highest Weight: 189
Starting Weight: 175lb
Current Weight: 168lb
Goal Weight: 145lb (Nov. 26, 2012)
Ultimate Goal Weight: 130lb/Recoved from bulimia
Binge Free Since: Feb. 15, 2014
Purge Free since: Feb. 15, 2014 Instagram: genjenbear


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